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ATTENTION: Due to overwhelming demand for my services, I'm afraid I am no longer able to take on new clients... Thank you for your interest but I must limit my attention to serving existing clients and those referred to me. Please feel free to continue your visit here, just be aware that I'm unable to accommodate your requests at this time.

My name is Matt and I am a one man show (not a national franchise) specializing in those odd jobs and handyman services the big boys don't want to touch.

I've been doing household repairs, home remodeling, and general construction most of my adult life. It's only within the last decade or so that I've begun doing this as a means of generating income for myself. I grew up on a farm so being able to fix stuff was bred into me -
Handy comes second nature.

I prefer to focus on small jobs - those ranging in the half-hour to half-a-day time frame. I have though, done a hand-full lasting a couple of days, and even a few lasting a month or two.

I've relocated in the Palm Springs area from the midwest so my work ethic is one that is appreciated and highly sought out. To see what jobs I do do, visit my
services page and view those honey-do jobs I do best.

OK, enough with my background. I'm sure you came here to find some answers to a few questions. Listed here are the most frequently asked questions I get and the corresponding answers.

How much do you charge?
A) I charge $50 per hour, billable in 15 minute increments. Minimum charge is $30.

Do you provide quotes?
A) No, I'm sorry but I don't do quotes. I will however, give you a good faith idea of how long a job might take, but there are no guarantees implied. Sometimes those 20 minute jobs can turn into a half day depending on the situation. In those instances, I would either have to take it on the chin or
pad the quote to make up for it. Neither approach is fair or equitable to either of us so I refuse to operate that way. I always keep my clients in the loop and when these sorts of situations arise, I enlist your judgement so that a fair deal can be struck.

Am I insured?
A) No. My insurance covers my health and safety but not my work, and my low rates reflect this. I do not do repairs located behind walls or under floors so my exposure to problematic areas is limited and my chances of getting into serious trouble is minimized. That's not to say that I'm perfect however. I realize that I am human and inadvertently make a mistake once in a while. When that happens, I will fix my error without hesitation and no additional cost to you. I document all my work through photographs just to make sure.

Are you licensed by the state of California?
A) No, I am not licensed by the state of California. According to the law, the bulk and type of work I do does not require that I be licensed - another reason why my rates are so reasonable. A full disclaimer can be found

What jobs do you do?
A) See my job list on the "
Services" page. If you don't see your job listed there, simply ask. If I have the tools and the time, chances are I will be able to do that for you.

How far will you travel for a job?
A) I operate out of the Warm Sands area so I like to stay within the Palm Springs and Cathedral City limits.

Do you buy the required materials or do I?
A) You (the client) buy the materials. There are a few repair items that I carry with me but for the most part, I will rely on you to get the necessary materials. If you would like help or guidance selecting materials, I will be happy to provide that service but be aware that I do charge for my time. If a
special material is going to be needed, I will tell you so and either pick it up in advance or give you proper instruction as to what to buy. If you are not sure what would be required, please ask. Wasting time and fuel is - well, wasteful.

Do you offer a Senior Discount?
A) I do. My senior rates are $5 per hour off the standard rate. I'll admit though, I have a very hard time judging ages so please let me know you're over 70 and I will give you the reduced rate.

How do you like to get paid?
A) I like to get paid when the job is completed. I do my best to discourage any sort of billing - it's costly and time consuming. I prefer cash and will also take a check. I
DO NOT accept credit cards but I will take payment via Paypal. If you want to use your credit card, you will have to set up or use an existing Paypal account. It's easy to set up. It's free, and you can use your credit card to send me direct payment. To learn about this system and/or set up an account, visit PayPal.com

My question isn't listed here, how do I get it on the list?
A) Visit the "
Contact Me" page and send it to me.

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